In Massachusetts’s North Shore, in a little house with a very sunny, very vertical backyard, lives a small family:

-DoItMyselfMama–that’s me!–who’s 31 and a little too enthusiastic for her own good;

-MyGuy, who puts up with her antics and occasionally encourages them though after seven years of marriage he really should know better;

-MyBoy, who’s 5 and a Boy of Character;

-and MyGirl, who’s just turned 3 and is frequently noted to resemble Red Fraggle, in both pigtails and personality.

In the last few years, DoItMyself Mama has learned all SORTS of things about sewing, knitting, gardening, plumbing, baking, cooking, and more, and her enthusiasm has overtaken her yet again. DoItMyself Mama’s new project: learning how to blog, and sharing her adventures, misadventures, and lessons with the world at large.


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